Is that legal to remove 40,000 employees from RTC

Is that legal to remove 40,000 employees from RTC

RTC employees are on strike from past 3 days. Telangana chief minister KCR sunday night announced only 1200 employees are their in TSRTC, that mean all remaining 40000 has been removed.

KCR warned them before and Assma notice has also been sent to RTC employees. But they dint took that seriously and continued their strike.

Once in Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha removed 1,70,000 employees in the same way. They went to supreme court and got their jobs back by writing a letter to TN government that they will never participate in strike again and asked sorry for the strike.

KCR has dicussed with his legal advisors by going through all the previos passed judgment and removed the employees.

After this the employees asked for all party support for their strike at Indira park which held today morning. Police arrested them and other parties in Telangana are giving their support to RTC employees.


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