BJP planning to send CBN to jail

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BJP planning to send CBN to jail

As AP ex Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has no grip in Central and State, this can be told as a worst phase in CBN’s entire Political Career. If the moves of YCP and BJP  are observed, soon AP’s ex Chief Minister Chandrababu will be seen in Jail within the next two years.If it is the case,Most Probably Chandrababu will face the 2024 Assembly elections from the central Jail and if he wins he reigns from the Jail if TDP continues to remain in Chandrababu’s Hands till then.The indications to this effect were given by Sunil Deodhar, AP BJP incharge  who is very closely moved with PM Narendra Modi.CBN’s tenure from 2014-2019 as CM was the most corrupted regime in the entire country.

The countdown for sending Chandrababu to Jail has began, since the BJP govt in Centre is on job to fix Naidu through Income Tax, CBI and Enforcement Directorate.These instituions are going all out to gather solid proofs to establish Naidu’s corruption, misuse of office, money laundering and evasion of taxes to book cases against him.

While on the other hand, AP government is doing its bit to book Naidu in corruption cases pertaining to allotment of lands in Amaravathi to his henchmen for throwaway prices, corruption in awarding contracts of irrigation projects, highways, roads and buildings etc.

AP CM YS Jagan ordered various departments to submit reports on how public money was looted by Naidu during the last five years.

Apart from this,the Currency “NOTE for VOTE” case against Naidu in Telangana is already under investigation and KCR wants to pursue the case vigorously to put Naidu behind bars if he chooses to settle in Hyderabad.
The noose is tightening around Naidu’s neck with Modi, Jagan and KCR keen on  not sparing Chandrababu and this seems to put an end to his Political Career.


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