Will NTR and Charan learn from Prabhas’ mistakes ?

Will NTR and Charan learn from Prabhas’ mistakes ?

‘Pan India’ has become the buzz word in Tollywood since the nation wide success of Baahubali franchise. It is an undeniable fact that Prabhas became a household name in North India and his craze and market there has increased by leaps and bounds post Baahubali success.

After Superstar Rajinikanth, it was only Prabhas from South film industry who gained popularity in the nook and the corner of North. His two films after Baahubali generated huge hype there which is a testimony that the soaring success of Baahubali in Hindi markets has taken him closer to audience beyond Southern states.

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But, unfortunately Prabhas failed to make the most of his craze post Baahubali success. After the release of Baahubali in 2017, it took more than 2 years for Prabhas to release his next film Saaho and again it was in 2022 his another long awaited film Radheshyam made it to screens. Both these film were in the making for more than 3 years and yet the output was quite substandard on all counts and audience outrightly rejected them.

After such a high magnitude of success given by Baahubali, one would usually expect a star like Prabhas to work with crazy directors who could take his appeal and stardom to next level with films that will cut across mass audience. But he chose to work with inexperienced directors and wasted nearly 5 years after Baahubali 2. In this process, he also missed out good opportunities to work with some of the happening and big ticket directors. Had Prabhas planned more prudently and worked on sensible scripts with good commercial elements, the result might have been a different one at box office. It is true that the his charisma and craze in audience slowly started to fade out because his last two outings did a great disservice to his craze because of his poor onscreen presentation.

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Now, with the blockbuster success of RRR, both NTR and Charan have gained huge popularity in North audience. Their exceptional performances as Bheem and Ram have been receiving unanimous response from moviegoers across the country. Already there is a widespread talk that both these stars are not far from making a debut in Bollywood. Keeping these rumours aside, both NTR and Charan should take a cue from Prabhas’ mistakes and ensure they don’t repeat the same strategy like him.

It is advisable by many experts that both Charan and NTR should not waste much time like Prabhas did after Baahubali but make sure they release one big ticket film every year and also choose scripts and directors more wisely than Prabhas. They should also concentrate on working on scripts that are loaded with strong commercial elements that will appeal well to majority of audience which will help in taking their stardom to next level.

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The emotional impact created by Bheem and Ram characters is so high in audience. So all it needs is a smart story selection and they should also choose crazy directors who could elevate them further in their next films as they will be carrying mammoth expectations in audience due to sensational success of RRR.

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