Where is time for Sukumar and Prabhas ?

Where is time for Sukumar and Prabhas ?

Few combinations can create euphoria even with a small rumour in circulation. The Prabhas – Sukumar film, which has been in the news for a long time, is one such combination that has the potential to trigger a huge uproar in industry circles. Though nothing concrete about this combination has ever fallen in place, rumours about a possible collaboration keep audiences excited quite often.

Out of nowhere, a piece of news broke out that Prabhas and Sukumar are going to join forces for a big-budget entertainer. This news has created a storm in social media. However, it turned out to be another piece of canard with no real development. In fact, Prabhas and Sukumar are currently busy with multiple assignments. So, there is very little chance for their coming together in the near future.

Prabhas has a packed itinerary until 2025 with multiple pan-India projects which are in different stages of production. Sukumar also has a tight schedule for the next couple of years. Hence, it is highly impossible for them to work together in the next 3-4 years. Even if both of them wish to work for a film, it might happen only after 2025.

Sukumar is busy filming Pushpa 2 and Prabhas is shuttling between Project K and Salaar. They both are concentrating on their current commitments only.

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