What is “Major” Adivi Sesh relation with BJP leaders?

What is “Major” Adivi Sesh relation with BJP leaders?

Adivi Sesh has been promoting his film, Major from tier to tier. He announced discounts for students. He reduced ticket prices. He even asked for “Tax free” status from many states.

Well, he is seriously pushing Major as his ticket to stardom and the intent is visible. Promoting a film is different from meeting political leaders as well. He met Maharastra CM Uddav Thackeray and CM thanked him for making a memorable movie on 26/11 attacks that happened in Mumbai.

This is understandable. But meeting UP CM Yogi Adityanath, seems like a step in gaining some political mileage too. He might definitely deny this but the relation between Major movie and UP politics is unfathomable unless Sesh has some BJP connections.

Sandeep Unnikrishnan, on whose life movie is based did not work in UP or did not have any connections too with the politics. Adityanath is not known for appreciating movie makers too as much. Then why specially this movie?

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Hence, one can ask these questions too as follow up for the above one. Is the talk that BJP leaders did fund the movie production and Mahesh Babu gave his name as producer, true? Are the rumors that Adivi Sesh has some political aspirations true too? Let’s wait for the time to answer them.

For now, the news is Adivi Sesh met UP CM Yogi Adityanath and some of the officials from UP government. They appreciated him and his efforts in making the movie.

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