Unnecessary ado by Prabhas fans

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Unnecessary ado by Prabhas fans

Sometimes fans of our star heroes go over the top and resort to senseless acts on social media to vent out their wrath. The latest example is an ugly hashtag on Tollywood director Maruthi by Prabhas’ fans. ‘Boycott Maruthi from TFI’ has been trending since yesterday morning ever since it has been revealed that Prabhas is going to team up with Maruthi for a comedy caper very soon.

Maruthi is a second-tier director who delivered decent hits in his career so far. He is known for writing comedies laced with slapstick humour and entertaining characters. Indeed, he hasn’t directed any top league actor in his career so far. This is the reason why Prabhas fans are not happy with this collaboration. Also, the recent track record of Maruthi seems to have disappointed them.

Prabhas is a pan India actor and he has lined up a bunch of big-budget entertainers which have already created tremors all over the country. Films like Salaar, Adi Purush and Project K are carrying heavy expectations. So, it came as a surprise for everyone when Prabhas approved the script narrated by Maruthi.

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Maruthi might not have delivered big hits till now. But, that shouldn’t be a reason to stop him from working with big-ticket heroes. There is no logic in speculating that he wouldn’t do justice to Prabhas’ pan India appeal right now. Also, fans have no right to judge a director’s potential even before the film went on the floor. Moreover, heroes cannot choose directors keeping fans’ emotions in mind. They usually go by the script and the calibre of the director. Sometimes top directors fail to match the expectations and sometimes even inexperienced directors deliver blockbusters. There are many such instances in the past.

After the negative trend against Maruthi became widely known, many felt that it is an unnecessary ado by Prabhas fans even before the shooting commenced.

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