Trade talk : A 100 Crore loss for Koratala Siva ?

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Trade talk : A 100 Crore loss for Koratala Siva ?

One should mind one’s own business. Otherwise, they will bear the brunt of the consequences. This is what happened to director Koratala Siva with the failure of his latest film Acharya.

It has already been confirmed that Chiranjeevi’s Acharya ended up as one of the biggest disasters of all time in Tollywood. The film collected just over 40 crores against a theatrical business of 140 Crores which means there is an outright loss of more than 100 Crores. So who will suffer the biggest loss with this disaster? It is none other than director Koratala Siva who ended up burning his fingers due to his greedy attitude.

Acharya was made on a budget of 70 Crores excluding the remunerations of Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan. As per inside sources, Siva paid 70 Crores remuneration to both actors and also took over the distribution rights of the film from producers by paying them 70 Crores. Siva released the film on his own in some territories. With its disastrous run, the film managed to collect only 40 Crores.

Through digital rights, Siva managed to recoup 18 Crores and Chiranjeevi returned 10 Crores as compensation. This amount is paid back to distributors who incurred heavy losses in big territories. So Koratala Siva has to suffer the most from this debacle as he has incurred more than 100 crores loss.

Had Siva confined to just direction, he might have ended up being in a safe zone by silently taking his remuneration and returning some amount as compensation after the film failed at the box office. But he ventured into film distribution and ended up losing a hefty amount.

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