Sunday Special : Now its everything paid

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Sunday Special : Now its everything paid

Web media is digitized content that can be transmitted over the internet or computer networks without hassle free. This can include text, audio, video, and graphics. This means that news from a TV network, newspaper, magazine, etc. that is presented on a Web site or blog can fall into this category. Nowadays, Telugu film industry is mostly depended on web media. They release the news regarding their upcoming projects, live updates of movies and their official announcements in the web media.

Official Handles

Every actor and actress have a separate PRO to look after them. They are being hired to talk to concerned Producer’s and directors to grab the best offers while they were busy with shooting. They pay a huge amount to the PRO’s for publishing an official announcement or news and even promotions regarding their upcoming films or events. Even for movies they’re opening separate social media to let the fans know and create an awareness over the social media users and drag them to theatre’s to increase the collections of the movie. All official announcements will be done through their handles if they are not interested or busy and can release over the internet to create a viral impact on Social media.

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Paid Web Portals:

Each web portal has a separate budget. Advertisement campaign is very less in Television now a days, previously we can witness huge number of Ads while watching a movie or a TV serial on upcoming movies. But now Social media like Facebook, Whatsapp ,insta and Twitter gained momentum and it has become a daily routine task for users. Knowing this Web portals are being paid for promotions to become popular in a simple way. The more the followers, the more the Ad campaign management pay the web portals. The web portals are none other than Social media page owners and website owners.

Condemn Rumors through their personal Handles :

Nowadays, most of the actors and actresses are condemning the rumors on their official social media account without attending a press conference. Even they directly post their regular updates, post their Photos to create huge fan following and to show off their Celebrity stature. They’re are releasing the latest news for the upcoming projects and tours as well in their social media account making followers to get subscribed and stay tuned for their updates. We will be able to know every information from their social media accounts without ease.

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Digital Marketers are charging a lot for management of their handles or to promote something through internet. Even youtube, instagram and TikTok manufacturing few stars when they get famous for their acts. Some of the celebrities who became popular through internet are Raj tharun and Chandini Chowdary, Pellichoopulu Tharun Bhascker and Krishnarjuna Yuddam Merlapaka Gandhi though their short films and tasted success after moving from small screen to Silver screen.

Writers are being paid to write positive about their upcoming movies as a part of promotions. The ones who work for web portals depending on their experience by even demand money as it is a creative and often a task task of creating hype with their writing skills.


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