Suriya Shares His Sweet Memories With Prabhas

Suriya Shares His Sweet Memories With Prabhas

Kollywood actor Suriya who enjoys a great fan following in Tollywood also shares a good friendship bonding with our Tollywood heroes. In multiple situations, he mentioned he is very close to the actors like Prabhas, Mahesh Babu and Rana Daggubati and Prabhas.

But Interesting thing is that, every time he comes to Hyderabad, he makes sure that he catches up with Prabhas to spend some quality time together.

Recently, during one interaction, Suriya said that Prabhas, who is a foodie, treated him with homemade biryani, which was specially cooked by his mother when they were shooting at the same location. He also revealed that he waited for him till 11.30 in the night, so that they can have dinner together. “We met in the film city. Prabhas said he will wait, and we will have dinner together. I thought ok, I assumed it was hotel dinner or it will come from the production mess. My shooting, which was supposed to begin at 6 PM, began at 8 PM and went on till almost 11:30. I thought I will keep meeting Prabhas, maybe tomorrow I will say sorry to him,” recalled Suriya.

“Then I was walking in the corridor, and his door was opened. Then he came out and said ‘Sir, I am ready, you take a shower.’ I was shocked. It was 11:30 at the night, he didn’t have dinner and was waiting for me. The food had arrived from his house, he has made his mother cook. I never had such a nice biryani,”he added.

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