Sunday Special : Lets meet our YouTube stars

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Sunday Special : Lets meet our YouTube stars

Jahnavi Dasetty is a Youtube star and short film actress. She came into the limelight for her comedy web series “Mahathalli”. After earning the tag ‘short-film star’, she began making a web series Mahathalli-Mahanubhavudu, the name thereby sticking to her image. The success of Mahathalli resulted in another series (Co-Presented by Wirally South) with an ‘AIB-like’ take on contemporary issues — a mix of fiction and reality, laced in a comic exterior

Jahnavi Dasetty

Jaiyetri makana is also a YouTube star and short film actress. She made her appearance in Miss Introvert, Tikamaka Love story, Pelli Ippudu avasarama….She is also a team member in Wirally South who works for reality owned web series. She is an overactive performer like Tejaswini Madivada in silver screen.

Jayetri Makana

Shoban is one among the best upcoming short film director who already made Atu Itu Nuvve, Dare to Disturb, Moodu Muddulu covering all genres like Comedy Horror Romantic etc. His style of taking can be clearly visible on the shows.

Raviteja Nannimala is an editor for shortfilms like Shatamanambhavati, Sreekaram, Tikamaka Love story, The Proposal. He mainly works for Wirally South Team. His recent short films are instant hit like Belly boy. His web series Sotari brothers is the most seen.

RaviTeja Nannimala

Gowthami Chitra is a short film YouTube actress, predominantly seen in a popular YouTube Comedy Series Fun Bucket. Gowthami Chitra is an Actor from Tirupathi, who appeared in comedy web series like Laughing Time, Dreams and Reality, Expectation Vs Reality and comedy videos like Erojulo Ammailu, Ammai Tho Shopping. Gowthami Chitra and Sharanya Janjam are the only two females acted in many episodes in Laughing Times which are directed by Ravi Ganjam.

Gowthami Chitra


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