Sudheer Babu’s Hunt : Low buzz and high competition

Sudheer Babu’s Hunt : Low buzz and high competition

Irrespective of box office results, talented Tollywood actor Sudheer Babu prefers to work on interesting subjects. He is now coming up with a gripping and mysterious whodunnit titled ‘Hunt’. He plays a cop in this thriller which is slated for release on January 26th.

The first-look teaser and the theatrical trailer of Hunt managed to grab the attention of moviegoers to some extent because of the suspense elements coupled with the intrigue factor. However, there is hardly any buzz regarding the film’s openings. Though Hunt is the solo release from Tollywood this week, audiences are not keen to watch the film in theatres and the advance bookings are not so promising till now.

As the Sankranti fever just settled down, people are back to work now. There is no big excitement for medium-budget films immediately. This is the reason why Hunt is not generating any hype among moviegoers. Meanwhile, Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan is also arriving in theatres this week. It is likely to pose a threat to Hunt. Even if audiences prefer to watch a film this weekend, they might choose Pathaan because of the massive expectations.

Sudheer Babu’s Hunt should overcome the ‘Pathaan’ storm and also need unanimous reviews to perform strongly in the first weekend.


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