Sri Reddy about Vishal D**K size

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Sri Reddy about Vishal D**K size

Controversial actress Srireddy is making the headlines and breaking news surrounding the coverage of Tamil actor Vishal Reddy.she continued her rant again and said that she will reveal his D**k size and challenged him to prove she is wrong.she claims he is a fraud who sexually exploited many girls with his image and warned him that he will not return to power at any cost as he is contesting for post of general secretary in SIAA.Sri Reddy also attacked some media houses who supported Vishal.

Sri Reddy wrote on Facebook: “Without having proofs why Sri reddy doing allegations? few great people are writing on their fucking websites..if you guys are right  why that cheaters come out nd didn’t say i didn’t cheat Sri reddy…questioned.

Warning visual about Varalakshmi Sharath Kumar as you are a senior actor in the Industry you should act as a philosopher and guide for the next generation actors instead you enjoyed the actress meat as its ur turn,later one dog will enjoy your daughter’s and your wife meat dragging his personal life on the roads.On the whole Sri Reddy supports Bhagyaraj’s Team, asking the industry to vote against vishal so that she will get some justice for MeToo Victims, as the previous team didn’t supported it.


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