Sitara was an unplanned child says Namratha Shirodkar

Sitara was an unplanned child says Namratha Shirodkar

Namrata Shirodkar Ghattamaneni is no new name to anyone, especially in the industry. From being a high-end, reputed model to, becoming a homemaker of a house full of superstars, she has made herself a very good name along with the reputation of being a good entrperniue

Like Mahesh, even Namrata stays away from media or publicity as such. They tend to lead a private life away from media and publicity. Recently she gave an interview with a female journalist, in which she revealed some interesting and unknown things about their family. Out of all of them, the biggest surprise was about Sitara.

She said that she’s an unplanned baby and now she feels like her life is incomplete without her. Needless to say, Sitara was born almost a decade after Gautham and in fact, she turned out to be a more prominent star in the family than anyone else. She also went onto speak about how Mahesh was clear about his requirements for marriage and it was a life-changing decision for her.

She also went on to say about how her motherhood was and how was she able to manage her business & production house. Full episode shall be out this weekend.

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