Sai Pallavi scores a point above all

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Sai Pallavi scores a point above all

Sai Pallavi doesn’t just portray good characters on the screen but also has a very good character off the screen. She is indeed a true professional who is a rarity and an example in the showbiz.

Unlike other top stars( male and female), Sai Pallavi is a very disciplined artist who is accommodative to her directors and producers. She is a stickler for punctuality on the sets and the promotional activities. Also, she doesn’t confine herself to a couple of interviews and very few promotional activities like most of her contemporaries do.

The Fidaa actress is quite aggressive in promoting her films. She stays in Hyderabad for more than two weeks to single-handedly lead the promotional campaign. It is not an exaggeration to say that she dominates her male counterpart not just on the screen but also during promotions. She is at her witty best while answering the questions posed by media personnel and never gets distracted.

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For her upcoming film Virata Parvam, she is involving in non-stop promotions for the last couple of weeks. When asked why she is so particular and determined about promotions, Sai Pallavi replied it is her responsibility to take the film to the audience for better publicity.

On many occasions, we see producers and directors complaining about artists’ behaviour on the sets and also about their tantrums when asked to take part in promotions. Recently a noted actress distanced herself from promotions due to some differences with the director.

Sai Pallavi never invited any controversies in her career so far despite acting in many blockbusters with top stars and directors. Irrespective of her career graph, she has scored a point above all her contemporaries with her off-screen disposition.

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