Sai Pallavi dipped into trouble with her comments

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Sai Pallavi dipped into trouble with her comments

Sai Pallavi landed in controversy for her statements on Kashmiri pandits. In an interview for a Tollywood web portal, the actress compared the Kashmiri exodus with cow vigilantism and drew criticism from netizens on social media.

Sharing her opinion on the Kashmiri Files movie, Sai Pallavi said, “The Kashmir Files showed how Kashmiri Pandits were killed at the time. If you are taking the issue as a religious conflict, a recent incident happened where a Muslim driver, who was transporting cows, was beaten up and forced to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’. So, where’s the difference between these two incidents. We have to be good human beings. If we are good ones, we won’t hurt others. To answer your question, justice won’t be there either on the side of the right or the left, if you are not a good human being. I’m very neutral. So what I believe is if you are stronger than me, and you are oppressing me, then you are in the wrong. A large number of people oppressing a small group of people is wrong. A battle has to be fought between two equals.”

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Asked about her political inclination, the actor said that she grew up in a neutral family and was taught to be a good human being. Sai Pallavi’s comments became a huge discussion point on social media as many netizens criticised her. Replicated from Pink Villa.

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