Sai Pallavi clarifies on her controversial statements

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Sai Pallavi clarifies on her controversial statements

During the promotions of her latest film Virata Parvam, Sai Pallavi drew a parallel between the heart-wrenching Kashmir genocide and the atrocious mob lynching in the name of cow vigilantism. These remarks have sparked controversy among many outside the film industry and she has been attacked for her insensitivity towards the Kashmiri pandits.

To end the controversy, the Fidaa actress has issued a clarification on her statements. She took to her Instagram account and said that this is the first time she is thinking twice before speaking her heart out as her comments are interpreted in a wrong way.

She said “I was disturbed after I watched the Kashmir files. I would never belittle a tragedy like the genocide and the generations of people that are still affected by it. Having said that, I can never to terms with a mob lynching incident that had taken place during Covid. I remember seeing that video and being shaken for days,” she said.

“I believe that violence in any form is wrong and violence in the name of any religion is a huge sin,” she added.

She further said, “I hope a day doesn’t come when a child is born, and he/she is scared of his/her identity.

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