Rumours around Allu Sirish & Allu Arjun brotherhood

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Rumours around Allu Sirish & Allu Arjun brotherhood

Allu Bobby, Allu Arjun and Allu Sirish are three sons of Allu Aravind. As always Allu Aravind was smart enough and by thinking of the future he divided property earlier and cleared all the upcoming hurdles in their family, which might arise due to finance.

But the latest rumour in Tollywood is that Allu Sirish is upset with Allu Arjun as his hard is not being recognized. Sirish was the one behind Allu Arjun’s brand building by paying for tweets. This is known news that Sirish worked hard to build his brother’s brand and to come out from Megastar Chiranjeevi’s shadow.

Some media websites wrote that Allu Sirish has moved to Mumbai and is living lone life.

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Grow up guys, we are in 2022. No individual person from a strong financial background stays with their own family. As they love to bring up their individual identity in existence. The brothers might have word on word, but it’s always brotherhood, where both of them will be together in no time.

By taking the issue on a positive note, Allu Sirish in Mumbai might be for his brother again to make him build his brand in Bollywood. Allu Arjun has started his office in Mumbai this is known news again. As per our reliable sources, the brothers have some misunderstandings like everyone else, but they are together and not staying far for this reason.

Geetha Arts hoisted the National flag at their office campus on Independence Day. where both the brothers were spotted together.

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