Relation between Anupama and Bumrah

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Relation between Anupama and Bumrah

News about famous people may have been confined to gossip  columns in newspapers.These days it is not uncommon for a celebrity stature ones to be in the front page news. Presently the news had gained momentum for Movie stars and Cricket stars mostly.News regarding actresses and cricketers goes viral deeply.

This is what happened with Anupama Parameshwaran and Team India Player Jaspreet Bumrah. Anu and Bumrah are following each other on social media by liking and sharing some pics which are memorable.Moreover Anu is the only Heroine from Tollywood following Bumrah.This incident gave life to a gossip about  their relationship.Finally Anupama responded over this saying “Bumrah is a very good friend of mine”.This doesn’t make sense in making such false manipulations regarding the silly things.


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