Ravi Teja has open ground till Sankranti

Ravi Teja has open ground till Sankranti

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is trying his best to entertain moviegoers by attempting different genres. Despite not scoring big hits in recent times, Ravi Teja has a healthy lineup of films in the next two years. His upcoming film Dhamaka is getting ready for a grand release on December 23rd.

Dhamaka has been creating good buzz among the audience though Ravi Teja’s recent films failed to make an impact at the box office. Director Nakkina Trinadha of Nenu Local fame managed to draw attention with impressive teasers and posters. The promotions have also begun well ahead of the film’s release and the trailer is set to be unveiled very soon. It is expected that the trailer will shoot the buzz on the film further.

As Dhamaka is releasing without any big competition, there are good chances that the openings will be promising. The presence of happening beauty Sree Leela is another reason why Dhamaka is drawing strong hype. Trinadha Rao is known for packing good commercial elements in his films. If he succeeds in presenting Ravi Teja in an energetic role with a dose of entertainment, there are chances that the film will click well with mass audiences.

As there are no big-ticket releases till Sankranti, Dhamaka will have an open ground for more than two weeks to perform well at the ticket windows.

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