Ram’s outdated planning hands another dud

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Ram’s outdated planning hands another dud

Hero Ram Pothineni is no doubt a talented actor. He gained a foothold in Tollywood despite heavy competition because of his impressive acting mettle, flawless dancing skills, handsome looks and strong diction. He is one of the top actors in the tier-2 category and commands good business from trade perspective.

But, one thing that has been a stumbling block for his career so far is his poor and outdated script selection. This has resulted in a lack of consistency in his success graph. His latest film The Warrior is another example of his out-of-style selection of stories. When most of his contemporaries are trying out innovative and novel ideas and encouraging fresh talent, Ram is sticking to doing regular commercial format films with formulaic stories.

Cop dramas are obsolete and no longer serving as money spinners at the box office. In the current trend, audiences are outrightly rejecting routine stories. Moreover, veteran directors with a routine style of filmmaking are finding it difficult to cater to the changing needs of audiences.

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In such an era, Ram has chosen to work on regular cop drama with an outdated director like Linguswamy. This is proving to be costly as the film is heading toward becoming a flop after a poor performance in the first weekend.

It is time for Ram to come out of his comfort zone and opt for fresh and out-of-the-box scripts to maintain his position in tier 2.

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