Rajamouli surprised with Western reception of RRR

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Rajamouli surprised with Western reception of RRR

SS Rajamouli’s epic blockbuster RRR not just bagged phenomenal box office success but also walked away with numerous unprecedented plaudits from the nook and the corner of the globe for its awe-inspiring narration and swashbuckling performances. Even to date, the film starring NTR and Charan in the lead roles as Bheem and Rama Raju is continuing to win the hearts of the audiences in various parts of the country.

While the magnitude of box office success for a Rajamouli film is on the lines of the massive expectations, what came as a huge surprise for everyone is the never-before-seen appreciation from the Western audience. Soon after the film unspooled on NetFlix, there has been a tremendous outpouring of appreciation from moviegoers in foreign countries.

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Even SS Rajamouli is in awe of the massive response for RRR from the Western audience. In a recent media interaction, the Baahubali director revealed that he didn’t expect that RRR would do so well outside India. He is surprised that numerous writers, directors and other technicians in Hollywood appreciated the film. He is amazed at the critical acclaim from people of different fields. He further stated that he now realised something he never knew before about his capability and his films. Meanwhile, the clamour for nominating RRR to the Oscars is reaching a new crescendo with each passing day.

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