Punarnavi boose party : Diwali Bash

Punarnavi boose party : Diwali Bash

Punarnavi, who was eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu 3 is busy promoting her movie in social media. She kept posting all her updates for her fans in her posts. Her upcoming movies are “Cycle” and “Chinna Viramam”.

Yesterday on the occasion of Deepavali she posted few pictures of her, also said about her china viramam trailer release and one video of boose party with her friends.

Punarnavi when she was in house, She was a lady monarch. She had good relation with Rahul , who is the favorite of all housemates and he is now into Bigg Boss finale week.

In Diwali special episode Rahul revealed that Punarnavi once bitted him in his hand and ran away while talking to vijay deverakonda, who was there for Meeku Mathrame cheptha movie promotion.


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