Postmortem on Chiranjeevi’s wish to do case study on ‘Waltair Veerayya’

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Postmortem on Chiranjeevi’s wish to do case study on ‘Waltair Veerayya’

Megastar Chiranjeevi is a great actor on the screen. With a career spanning multiple decades, Chiranjeevi acted in so many memorable movies. His latest film Waltair Veerayya was released as a Sankranthi special and received mixed reviews. However, considering the festival season, the audiences are showing interest in watching the film with families. On this note, the team held a success meeting yesterday, and Chiranjeevi’s speech now garners criticism.

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While praising his team and director Bobby, Chiranjeevi mentioned that he worked very hard for the film. “Bobby did a great job in directing the film and wrote the script well so that there is scope for every element. Everyone should take Waltair Veerayya as a case study,” said Chiranjeevi.

Gangleader, Khaidi, Tagore, Swayamkrushi, Aapadbandhavdu, Rudraveena, Aaradhana, Chantabbayi, and so many other films remain memorable in Chiranjeevi’s career. If someone has to do a case study, they should do it on these films, but a case study on Waltair Veerayya will result in nothing.

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There is a debate on Chiranjeevi’s confidence as to how he expected people to do a case study on a film that got mixed reviews. Not a single review has given a good rating for the film. No critic has whole-heartedly and unanimously given a thumbs-up for the film. For that matter, most of the fans are not happy with the film as they expected more from ‘Megastar’.

Chiranjeevi draws no boundaries when it comes to talking at public events. It is good to speak one’s mind but at the same time, a star like Chiranjeevi must also be aware of the reality, where Waltair Veerayya is just an ordinary commercial film and there is nothing extraordinary in it.

On the other hand, a few are commenting that the figures at the box office gave confidence to Chiranjeevi to go ahead and talk like this.

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