Pawan Kalyan Love towards Chiranjeevi

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Pawan Kalyan Love towards Chiranjeevi

Janasena Chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan attended as the Chief Guest for His Mega Brother Chinranjeevi’s 64th Birthday Celebrations. Pawan said that he came as a fan of Chiranjeevi who was an inspiration provider and gave me the life. He is the caretaker and guide for me otherwise I would not have been here till now. When Pawan Kalyan failed in his intermediate out of criticism and depression pawan Kalyan tried to commit suicide with a licensed pistol of his brother.

Chiranjeevi counselled If you don’t want to study here move to other place for studies. Life is very precious don’t waste for these type of issues. Humanity is more important than religion and caste and all, if you feel responsible for anything you won’t make such foolish decisions the actor turned Politician added about the words of his Brother.

I am very happy for my elder brother in the biography of Uyyalawada Narasimhareddy where our Country has forgotten the history of India’s First Rebellion. This character came to seek out Chiranjeevi.

I do not have the ability to make such a film with the elder brother. My congratulations to the producer Ram Charan for making this film so great. Even though I did not act, I gave a voice for the most Prestigious Project Syeraa NarasimhaReddy, I feel very Proud. We can observe Father’s will launch their Son’s in the Film Industry but here Charan relaunched my brother Chiranjeevi with Khaidhi No 150. I feel elated that he is back again with films, the actor added. Syeraa Narasimha Reddy is ready to rock the screens on October 2nd 2019.

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