Noted distributor’s disastrous record with Vishal

Noted distributor’s disastrous record with Vishal

Vishal is one of the noted Tamil heroes who enjoys a decent market in Telugu. He scored his first Telugu hit with the 2005 release Pandem Kodi. Since then, most of his Tamil flicks had a simultaneous Telugu release. Some of them also ended up as good hits at the box office.

However, things aren’t going in his favour in the recent past. His movies are becoming consecutive flops in Telugu for the last few years. If we look at Vishal’s films since 2018, he came up with Pandem Kodi 2 in 2018. It was a flop venture. Then there was Ayogya which was also a flop.

Later, he teamed up with Tamannaah and came up with Action. It ended up as a disaster. Last year, he came up with Chakra and Enemy. Both films ended up as disasters in Telugu states. Earlier this year, he released his film Samanyudu which faced a similar result. His new film Laththi was released the other day and it is also getting poor word of mouth.

Interestingly, all these films were distributed by Warangal Srinu in Telugu. Sadly, all of them proved to be flops at the box office. Vishal’s last hit in Telugu was the 2018 release, Abhimanyudu. We have to see when will he make a strong comeback in the Telugu land.

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