Naga Shaurya’s ill health is worrying his family!

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Naga Shaurya’s ill health is worrying his family!

Hero Naga Shaurya has been extremely working on his body to maintain a distinctive look for each project. He was seen in a ripped & fit shape for his sports drama ‘Lakshya’ and then immediately seen very much formal in the rom-com ‘Varudu Kavalanenu’.

He recently announced his new project with a new production house which also presented Shaurya in a brand new avatar. He said that he shall be working out harder to achieve the planned look for this film. And yesterday, Shaurya was reported to the hospital after he fainted on the sets. It is said that he was dehydrated for the past 4 days in order to achieve the look they are aiming for. He was supposed to do a fight but Shaurya seems to be very ill since his arrival on the sets and has fainted while he was shooting. The doctors reported that he has been attacked with viral fever.

Around a week ago, news about his wedding with his longtime girlfriend broke out. Now within weeks of marriage, this health situation has put his family to worry. In any case, they might need another 3,4 days to get a clear image of his health.

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