Latest Trend in Tollywood : Heroes turning Government Servants

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Latest Trend in Tollywood : Heroes turning Government Servants

Police Officer is the most portrayed character on the silver screen among all other government servants. Quite often, audiences witness films in which the protagonist plays a powerful police officer. Directors usually prefer to portray their heroes as police officers rather than any other civil servant because it is quite natural for audiences to expect elevations and powerful scenes from a reel police officer just like a real police officer.

Now, the trend has slightly changed. These days Telugu heroes are playing officers other than police like Deputy Collectors, District Collectors etc. on the screen. Recently, Ravi Teja appeared as a Deputy Collector in Rama Rao on Duty. He plays an honest civil servant in the film. He goes to any extent to help the people in needy. One more film in which the protagonist plays an IAS officer is Macherla Niyojakavargam which stars Nithiin in the lead role. The trailer revealed that he plays an irreverent civil servant who doesn’t care about the local politicians.

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Another big ticket film is Ram Charan – Shankar film which presents the hero as an IAS officer. Charan is reportedly said to be playing an upright IAS officer who wants to set the system right.

Recently, Ram played a DSP in The Warrior film, but the character didn’t get much credit because of its routine design. Even Ravi Teja’s role in Ramarao on Duty failed to keep the audiences invested.

It remains to be seen how Nithiin and Ram Charan will be received by the audiences. Whatever may be the result, directors seem to have done with the cop roles and shifted interest towards designing IAS officer roles for their heroes.

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