Koratala not interested to react on Chiru’s comments

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Koratala not interested to react on Chiru’s comments

When Megastar Chiranjeevi’s ‘Acharya’ tanked heavily at the box office, all fingers were pointed toward director Koratala Siva. He was subjected to undue criticism for coming up with such a lackadaisical attempt which is the only blip in his career so far. The embarrassing result of this film is still haunting Siva in several forms. Megastar Chiranjeevi’s insinuating comments during the promotions of Waltair Veerayya are the latest in the series of critical remarks made against Koratala.

Chiru, though not intending to target Koratala directly, found fault with the working style of some directors and also stressed that a few directors didn’t pay heed to his inputs in the script and making of the films and failed to achieve the desired result in the end. Many in the industry and the media felt that these comments are aimed at Koratala for his grave mistakes in dealing with the script of Acharya. Later, Chiru clarified his comments and said he gave a general opinion about some directors but not about Koratala Siva in particular.

Close sources to Koratala Siva revealed that when the same topic came to his discussion, he simply refused to react to Chiru’s comments. The Srimanthudu director is reportedly not interested to make any comments on anyone and he is least bothered about the blame put on him for Acharya result. He is currently focused on making a strong comeback and answer everyone in his style.

The source further asserted ‘Koratala is a very staid person who is not easily agitated. He is away from any sort of controversies ever since he came to the industry. So, he wants to maintain the same character irrespective of the results. He wants to deliver a blockbuster and silence all his critics.

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