KGF Star Yash fire on Rashmika Mandanna

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KGF Star Yash fire on Rashmika Mandanna

KGF hero Yash is furious over Rashmika Mandanna, who is making a success in Tollywood. Rashmika’s comments on Kannada language have become a hot topic in the media. Yash’s remarked on Rashmika when he attend the Kannada film Kiss event attracted media headlines. The heroines of Kannada film industry also have to excel in a different language. Talent must be acquired in other languages ​​to acquire stardom.

Every time the opening of my new movie I see news in the newspapers that heroine is imported from other languages. I have been watching the news for weeks about promoting local talent. News like that bothers me. Yash noted and congratulated all producers who are promoting local talent like Leela. We have to go from Kannada to other languages ​​and make a great name with our talent, to bring good respect and name to our Kannada film industry, even that would make me happy. After going from Kannada to other languages ​​and becoming famous, he advised not to forget the roots.

There is an opinion that Rashmika has made indirect comments on the Kannada film industry . During the Dear Comrade campaign a few days ago, Rashmika said that she cannot speak Kannada fluently. Those comments offended the Kannada people. Many Kannada senior actors, like Jaggesh, are very serious over Rashmika’s comments on Kannada film industry.

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