Jayasudha’s third marriage: Here’s the clarity

Jayasudha’s third marriage: Here’s the clarity

Jayasudha is one of the most prolific actresses in South India. In her prolonged career, Jayasudha acted as a lead actress in many super-hit films. For the last two decades, she has been doing supporting characters. She was recently seen in the film Vaarasudu. Meanwhile, there are several rumours doing rounds about Jayasudha’s third marriage for the last few days.

Of late, a US citizen has been accompanying Jayasudha at various events. He was also seen along with her at the pre-release event of Vaarasudu. After seeing him frequently with her, media reports stated that both of them got married secretly. Jayasudha was asked about the same in a recent interview and she completely denied rumours.

Jayasudha said that he is not her husband. She said that he is a filmmaker and is working on her biopic. Jayasudha said that the US filmmaker researched her life on the internet and decided to make a film on her life. Now, he is watching her life closely to understand it better. Thus, Jayasudha kept a full stop to all rumours.

Jayasudha got married twice before. She was married to Kakarlapudi Rajendra Prasad in the past. But they got separated a few years after their marriage. She later married Bollywood producer Nitin Kapoor. He passed away in 2017.

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