Is that Rahul or Varun who will be the title holder of Bigg Boss Telugu 3

Is that Rahul or Varun who will be the title holder of Bigg Boss Telugu 3

Rahul and Varun Sandesh are the most favorites in the house as per analysts and social media. There were clean about the game play and carrying good atmosphere in the house. Even Nagarjuna is happy with their performance. He praised them in many situations.

Baba Bhaskar and Sree Mukhi are also favorites but Baba Bhaskar is very cunning now a days, he even want to urinate in front of cameras by holding a bed sheet, when Vithika played Intelligent he was out from that task. As so many female audience turned anti against him.

Sree Mukhi is also favorite in the house , She has good game plan and started poking everyone on each other. Only when Nagarjuna warned her , she stopped influencing others.

Shiva Jyothi and Ali Reza : Shiva jyothi is also active but her emotional bond may not help her. Ali Reza as he made re-entry into house, he may not win the Bigg Bossn title but he might be one of the Top5 finalists.

This week Punarnavi might get eliminated from house because of her attitude.

Bigg Boss telugu 3 is with less controversies when compared to season 2. Nagarjuna is holding the housemates and giving them good suggestions. But As normal audience , Bigg boss is on favoritism and not showing other contestant activities when compared to few others like Sree Mukhi, Rahul , Punarnavi and so on.

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