Growing negativity on Dil Raju pushes him to break silence

Growing negativity on Dil Raju pushes him to break silence

Talk about the film distribution in Nizam area, you will listen the name, Dil Raju. Having started his career as a distributor, Dil Raju emerged as one of the star producers in Tollywood today. However, he is always in the news for allegedly suppressing some of the movies and not allocating the desired number of theatres.

There has been an issue almost for every festive season when more than two biggies get lined up for a grand release in the Telugu states. Now, two elements are being heard against Dil Raju. One of them is his contradicting statements.

Sometime back, Dil Raju urged that the Telugu producers should prioritize straight Telugu films and not encourage the dubbing films especially during the festival seasons. Cut to the reality, he is reportedly allocating more number of theatres to the Tamil dubbing film Varasudu in the Telugu states, as he is the producer of the film.

Many are pointing out his dual standards in the issue and the Telugu Film Producers Council already issued a press note indirectly hitting at Dil Raju that the straight Telugu films should be given priority for the coming Sankranthi 2023 season.

Having realised the growing negativity on him, Dil Raju made a few statements today at Masooda movie success meet, that money is not his primary concern and there is another side to him.

Dil Raju said that he is always first to encourage new cinema with fresh talent and would do that out of his passion towards cinema. He also gave an example that he is encouraging the dubbing film Love Today. However, his example does not make any sense as no one in the showbiz would commit to a film without expecting profits.

On the other hand, he is also saying that he would soon call for a press meet to give his version on the Varisu release issue. Whatever it may be, being a star producer, he should preach what he follows. If Varisu is going to get maximum theatres and if his alleged monopoly continues in distribution, it could cause serious repercussions in the film industry.

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