Fans Craziness

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Fans Craziness

South film Industry, which is very big and had block busters like Baahubali and Robo. Our Super Star heroes like Megastar Chiranjeevi, Rajinikanth, Kamal hassan gave industry a path and respect. These star heroes got huge fan base and no word is accepted against each other.

New Stars :

Now in 20th decade what exactly happening star heroes want social media attention to promote them selves and to create a huge fan base. So called Portal sites who know this are encashing the fan base by writing negative articles who jus need a click. people are much attracted to negative side are obviously give these portals a click.

Fans :

Fans should know whome to follow. Love your star hero but dont fall in trap of portal sites who jus want clicks and nothing more than that. Our Heroes are always idles for us. Just follow your hero but not the portals who scold opposite hero.


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