Exposing Karan Johar’s hypocrisy while he praises Tollywood

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Exposing Karan Johar’s hypocrisy while he praises Tollywood

Karan Johar is a top director and producer in Bollywood. He owns the popular production house Dharma Production. Recently, he made sensational comments by lashing out at Bollywood and praising the Telugu film industry. His statements are now going viral all over the internet.

Karan participated in Masters’ Union Podcast recently. The promo of the episode is out now on the internet. In the promo, we can hear Karan saying that he loves Hindi cinema and his heart lies in it. “But if you ask me, as a business person, I think Telugu is a far more lucrative industry,” he added.

Karan Johar also lashed out at actors who take heavy remunerations. He says that how is fair for an actor to take 20 crores remuneration when his film is opening to only five crores. On one hand, whatever Karan saying is absolutely right. But if we look at the other hand, it is he who started paying such huge amounts to the actors and started this trend. If he is concerned about this issue, he should have stopped offering such huge payments as a producer.

Meanwhile, it is also assumed that he is praising Telugu cinema to gain its support as it became the face of Indian cinema in recent years. Netizens are calling this as Karan’s hypocrisy and are alleging that he is seeking the Telugu industry’s support as most of the Bollywood audiences are creating Boycott trends against him and his films.

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