Every girl need him : Dear Comrade

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Every girl need him : Dear Comrade

Dear Comrade the recent release of Vijay deverakonda directed by Bharat Kamma and the female lead is Rashmika Mandanna.

Where the movie is going with mixed talk and drop at box office here are few interesting things that we should know about the movie for the people who dint like it and watch it.

A struggle of a girl who wanted to reach her goal. A struggle of a boy to know what he is , as he is aggressive at his college days. A very beautiful love story with romance dosage . Rashmika Mandanna was extraordinary as Aparna Devi. She nailed it as depression patient when she missed to reach her goal. Vijay Deverakonda was always choosy about picking stories, Dear comrade is typical VD story with a very beautiful message. But lack of commercial elements.

Very strong charecterisation:

  • A boy who stands for a girl.
  • A boy who figth for others like a comrade.
  • A boy who not only love the girl but also her goal.
  • A boy who fight for justice.
  • A boy who is far from politics and fights only for justice.
  • A girl who want to achieve her goal
  • A girl who dont loose her charecter in any situation
  • A girl who even leave her love for her self respect

A beautiful designed love story. Bharat Kamma dint use any bad words in the film for fun sake or for making the scene more attractive. Kiss between the main lead was mandatory for the emotion to be carried through out the film.

Audience what exactly they need?

or does the reviewers killing the movie ?

A movie that has romance then this should be hit
A movie that has a beautiful lead then this should be a blockbuster

  • This movie had a message so audience dint like it and going with mixed talk.
  • This movie dont have a partying lead so audience dint like it?
  • This movie is about sexual harassment against the lead actress, so lead actress should not go through this so its with mixed talk.
  • Lack of useless comedy..comedy only when needed so audience had a mixed talk.

Bharat Kamma should learn how make commercial films rather than making a clean film.

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