Dubbed releases might be a trouble for ‘Allari’ Naresh

Dubbed releases might be a trouble for ‘Allari’ Naresh

‘Allari’ Naresh is one of the few successful stars who weren’t into a typical frame of a “template” cinema hero. He won the audience with his incredible performance in ‘Nenu’ and also attracted family audiences with healthy comedy films like ‘Bendu Apparao RMP’.

After a series of failures, he took a break from his career. He went on to live his private & personal life and finally made a comeback with ‘Maharshi’. Since then he had good releases and hits, including his latest Naandi. Now his latest ‘Maredumilli Prajaneekam’ is set to release this weekend.

It seems to be timing as he doesn’t have any competitive releases but two dubbed films are set to release on the same day. One is ‘Love Today’, which already gained a hit talk in Tamil and is released by ‘Dil’ Raju and the other is ‘Thodelu’, starring Varun Dhawan. Even though the market might be low, Allu Aravind is releasing it. So, a chunk of theatres are gonna be allocated to it.

Only strong content can help Naresh to mark another hit at the box office too. Hope he makes it this weekend.

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