Does Chanakya being threatned by syeraa makers?

Does Chanakya being threatned by syeraa makers?

Syeraa Narasimha Reddy is set for release on October 2 with Pan India Craze. Now the rest of the films are just side by side. On the other hand, when Chiranjeevi’s poster is ready – getting ready for the release, Gopichand is ready to release his movie ‘Chanakya’ on October 5th. Gopichand does not have any good films in the recent times. He will be caught if he makes a mistake with the release date. As it is a festive season, he believes that his movie will also get applause by the audience. However, there is no confirmation in how many theatres the movie is set for release.

Syeraa is being released on Wednesday. As the movie is released in most theaters, the noise will be felt on the second day. That’s why Chanakya is coming on Saturday as Silent. Syeraa Producers’ have their own calculations. As per the latest buzz, a producer calls and threatens the theatre owners not to let take Chanakya movie in their theatres. It is said that the goal is to break many records, and to play the same film until the end of the festival. The producer is the friend of the mega family. He also has some theaters in his hand. Because of the influence of that producer, the persons who gave Chanakya the theater seems to be thinking a lot.

When big and great film like Syeraa is set to release, the rest of the films are a little off. They ensure there is a week-long gap. The same thing happened with SAAHO, but Chanakya is not afraid of Syeraa. Will Chanaakya be able to stand with Syeraa?


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