Dil Raju’s cover drive on Vaarasudu postponement

Dil Raju’s cover drive on Vaarasudu postponement

Ace producer Dil Raju got poetic justice because of his greedy tactics. His upcoming film Varasudu has been pushed to January 14th. The Tamil version will release as usual on January 11th.

The Telugu – Tamil bilingual invited a lot of controversies ever since its announcement. Dil Raju refused to change the release date of Varasudu even though two Telugu biggies are releasing for Sankranti and secured most of the theatres in the Telugu States. This has received a lot of criticism from all quarters. Despite inviting a lot of negativity from both industry circles and audiences in Telugu States, Dil didn’t budge and decided to go ahead with the release plans. However, he finally decided to postpone the release of the Telugu version to the 14th.

Addressing the press conference in Hyderabad this Monday, Dil Raju said he postponed the Telugu version only to accommodate maximum release for both Telugu biggies Waltair Veerayya and Veera Simha Reddy. But, he didn’t reveal the real reason behind the postponement.

It is believed that Dil Raju postponed the film as there is some pending post-production work for the Telugu version. The production house has messed up with the activities of both versions and is unable to get the Telugu version ready on time. This has forced Dil Raju to postpone the film with no other alternative.

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