Dil Raju, why not more screens for Chiru and NBK in Telugu States ?

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Dil Raju, why not more screens for Chiru and NBK in Telugu States ?

Dil Raju stoked a huge controversy by making uninvited comments about Tamil stars Vijay and Ajith. In his recent media interaction, he said Vijay is a bigger star than Ajith in Tamil Nadu and hence Varisu should be accommodated on more number of screens than Thunivu there. These unnecessary comments made by him triggered a debate among trade circles and audiences in Telugu States and Tamil Nadu.

While Tamil audiences are furious at Dil Raju for making such hasty comparisons between two leading stars, Tollywood trade circles are questioning his two-facedness. Dil Raju opined that Varisu should be allotted more screens than Thunivu because Vijay has more craze than Ajith in Tamil Nadu. If the same thing is applied in the Telugu States, both Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna are way far bigger stars than Vijay. So, more screens should be provided to both Waltair Veerayya and Veera Simha Reddy which are releasing during the Sankranti festival along with Varasudu. But, that’s not happening here as Dil Raju is keen on getting a considerable number of screens for Varasudu in major territories of Telugu States.

Both Waltair Veerayya and Veera Simha Reddy are struggling to get a good number of screens as many of them are blocked for Varasudu. Dil Raju got hold of more screens in Naizam and Uttarandhra areas than any other distributors. So, he wants to get Varasudu released in a maximum number of screens in these two areas where the openings will be maximum.

If Dil Raju feels his contention that a bigger star needs to be given more screens is correct, then both Telugu films should have a wide release bigger than Varasudu. It remains to be seen how Dil Raju reacts to these comments regarding his double standards.

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