Dil Raju receives flak for unnecessary comments

Dil Raju receives flak for unnecessary comments

Tollywood marquee producer Dil Raju often tends to put his foot in his mouth while interacting with the media. In the past, he was criticized several times for making controversial statements. Once again, he raked a controversy with his insensitive statements comparing Vijay and Ajith.

Going into the context, Dil Raju recently interacted with a leading Telugu media house and spoke regarding the release of his upcoming Sankranti release Varisu. In his interview, Dil Raju said Vijay is a bigger actor than Ajith and should be provided with more theatres for his film in Tamil Nadu. He said sharing an equal number of theatres between Varisu and Thunivu is unfair because Vijay is a bigger star compared to Ajith.

Dil Raju said he will head to Chennai and request the Tamil producers to allot him more theatres for Varisu because Vijay has more craze than Ajith. These untimely statements triggered a lot of controversy among Tamil audiences. Dil Raju is now at the receiving end for creating fan wars and also discriminating against star heroes.

These statements are unwelcome from a big producer like Dil Raju because Vijay and Ajith are two big superstars in Tamil Nadu and their fans often involve in fan wars to prove their dominance. When two films are going to release at the same time, there is a lot of scope for controversies and fan wars. Dil Raju shouldn’t have made such foolish remarks at this time while speaking to the media.

Dil Raju has already been targeted by Telugu audiences and producers for seeking more theatres to Varasudu ( Telugu version of Varisu) while two straight Telugu films are releasing during Sankranti. In the past, the same Dil Raju asserted that Tamil films cannot be accommodated in Telugu States when Telugu films are slated for release during the festival season.

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