Dil Raju knows the strategy to recoup his money

Dil Raju knows the strategy to recoup his money

Ace Tollywood producer Dil Raju is the cynosure of the media for the past few weeks as his upcoming bilingual film Varisu ( Varasudu in Telugu) is vying for the Sankranthi title at the box office by competing with Waltair Veerayya and Veera Simha Reddy. Dil Raju is trying his best to allot the maximum number of theatres in Telugu States. Surprisingly, he is not concentrating much on promotions. With just a week left for the release of Varasudu in Telugu, there are hardly any promotions here.

It is a bit surprising that Dil Raju is not promoting the Telugu version like he is doing for the Tamil version. There is a valid reason behind his strategy. He knows Vijay cannot compete with Balakrishna and Chiranjeevi in the Telugu States. Also, both Telugu films are carrying solid hype all over. Moreover, there is a lot of negativity about Dil Raju for releasing a Tamil film in more theatres when two big-ticket Telugu films are releasing. So, he backed off from drawing the attention of media and moviegoers.

Dil Raju is a prudent businessman who knows how to recoup his investment. He takes calculated risks while releasing his films. For Varasudu, he decided to target the Tamil market of Vijay and retrieve his money with the business in Tamil Nadu alone. He made sure that the budget is not overshot and sold the satellite and theatrical rights for handsome prices. He is already in profit with the business done in Tamil Nadu. So, all money he gets from the Telugu version is just an additional profit for him. So, there is not much pressure on him to promote the Telugu version aggressively.

He is just looking to ensure that the film gets a maximum release on its opening day in Telugu States so that the collections will be solid irrespective of the talk.

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