Chiru not leaving any opportunity to attack Koratala

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Chiru not leaving any opportunity to attack Koratala

It seems like the embarrassing box office result of Acharya is still haunting Megastar Chiranjeevi. He is not leaving any opportunity to make everyone believe that it was purely the director’s misjudgment and mistake that cost the film. What is more baffling is that he is searching for reasons to attack director Koratala Siva indirectly during every media interaction in recent times.

In the success meet of Waltair Veerayya held in Hyderabad on Saturday, Chiru once again targeted Koratala Siva with his insinuating comments. Chiru asserted that a director’s credibility lies in completing the film on time within the budget constraints but not on delivering big hits and writing solid scripts. Chiru said all young and senior directors of Tollywood should accept this fact though it appears to hurt them.

Though Chiru didn’t name any particular director’s name, it is clearly evident from his frustration that his comments are aimed at Koratala Siva who floundered with Acharya. Chiru is very desperate to give the impression that he has no role in the failure of Acharya and it was all because of Koratala’s clumsy script work and flawed direction.

Chiru should remember that a director can complete the film on time within the budget only with the support of actors who are part of it. He should also realise that a film is a combined effort of the producer, director and actor. So, all are equally responsible for the output. Chiru should understand that there is no point in trying to force that he is not responsible for the failures of his films.

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