Bandla Ganesh indirectly attacks ‘Gossip Site’

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Bandla Ganesh indirectly attacks ‘Gossip Site’

Actor and producer Bandla Ganesh is well known for his outspoken attitude. He often draws the attention of the media with his controversial statements. His social media activity also becomes a talking point very frequently because of his candid opinions. Once again, he triggered a controversy because of his direct attack on a Tollywood journalist. Is he indirectly attacking a ‘Gossip Site’ for whom the journalist is working? That’s what e everyone is now talking about.

Going into the matter, Bandla Ganesh launched an offensive with a series of tweets against a noted journalist in Tollywood. He said no hero wants to give him personal interviews but out of fear they are encouraging him as no other option is left for them. When one of his followers asked who is that person, Ganesh revealed his Twitter handle and called him a Broker( Middleman). He further alleged that the journalist is making ends meet by writing gossips on Telugu actors.

Ganesh went on to say that he is blackmailing and harassing actors for money. He also said that he knows all those who are funding the expenses of the journalist. Ganesh made serious allegations against the journalist and also later revealed his identity through his subsequent tweets.

Though Ganesh went on a rampage on the so-called journalist openly, it can be understood that he is indirectly attacking the website for indulging in publishing gossip news and also for blackmailing actors and producers for the sake of advertisements.

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