Arrest Warrant issued on Bellamkonda Suresh

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Arrest Warrant issued on Bellamkonda Suresh

Bellamkonda Suresh once a top producer and very famous after Balakrishna incident. Now Court issued arrest warrant on him .

In details, A TV Channel filed a case against Bellamkonda Suresh for amount of 3.5cr. Suresh started a movie with Sidharth in direction of Nandini Reddy. Yash Raj films claimed that the movie was a remake of Band Baja Bharat and stopped release of the movie in theaters and even in TV. As Bellamkonda already sold rights of the film to a TV channel for 3.5cr, they filed a case against him after Bellamkonda failed to pay them back the amount.

We have to wait and see how Bellamkonda suresh will handle the situation and settle ampunt for the TV channel. Band Baja Bharat was later remade as Aha Kalyanam directed by Gokul Krishna starring Nani and Vani Kapoor.


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