Amigos teaser : A Story of Doppelgangers

Kalyan Ram is coming up with yet another interesting attempt in his upcoming film Amigos which sees him playing a triple role for the first time in his career. The first look teaser is out this Sunday and it gives a sneak peek into the three characters essayed by him. It hints the film is about three doppelgangers with different qualities.

The one-minute and twenty-second glimpse is intriguing and piques the curiosity as it is packed with a tinge of suspense on what is the relation between the three look-alike characters in the story. The basic premise looks interesting as the three doppelgangers meet coincidentally and travel together for some time. The teaser also hints that the story has its share of twists and turns with plenty of action and drama. Kalyan Ram impresses with his triple act in contrasting roles.

The teaser opens on a gripping note with a pulsating score when a bunch of people enters a place with guns. This leads us to a glimpse of Michael, one of the three characters. The serious phone conversation between Michael and the other character holds the attention. The baritone voice of Kalyan Ram indicates that one of the three characters has negative shades. The next frames in the teaser offers a racy watch with engaging visuals leaving a bit of suspense. Kalyan Ram appears lively in action scenes and looks dynamic in those shots.

Ghibran does a superlative job with his BGM which elevates the teaser. The cinematography is also appreciable. Mythri Movie Makers have made this on a lavish scale. Director Rajendra Reddy succeeds in keeping the viewers engrossed with this interesting cut.

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