Adnan Sami craves for attention by throwing mud at YS Jagan

Adnan Sami craves for attention by throwing mud at YS Jagan

Sometimes, we don’t understand why some celebrities seek unwanted attention, that too, for reasons very silly. Now, celebrated singer Adnan Sami sparked a controversy with Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy regarding the RRR movie being awarded with the Golden Globe award for the song, Naatu Naatu.

Going more into the details, AP CM YS Jagan mentioned that the Telugu flag is flying high. As someone coming from the land of Telugu, where the film RRR was conceptualized and executed, with a moment of pride, Jagan expressed his happiness by making that statement.

Out of no where, singer Adnan Sami can’t in to criticize Jagan. Sami commented that Jagan is displaying a separatist attitude, which is highly unhealthy.

Soon after the tweet went viral, many leaders of YSRCP defended their CM and gave counters to the popular singer.

Looking at the issue in a broader view, there’s no scope for controversy here. Had RRR been a Marathi film or a Gujarati film or a Hindi film for that matter, the chief ministers from North and the politicians would have definitely celebrated it by adding a regional colour to it. It’s quite natural that region comes to us first, especially when it comes to cinema. Had it been the context related to the nation, by default, nation comes first to everyone.

What Adnan Sami paid a blind eye to, is the love YS Jagan had for Cinema. Before entering into politics, Jagan used to be the president of Balakrishna Fans Association. Very rarely does Jagan takes a minute to talk about cinema and when he did, we must acknowledge the love he had for Cinema than pointing him out for something that’s irrelevant.

On the flip side, Adnan Sami later posted more tweets to defend his thoughts but the netizens are claiming that he is doing this with a hidden agenda!

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