A temporary relief for director Maruti

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A temporary relief for director Maruti

It came as a surprise to everyone when the news about Prabhas – Maruti film broke out in the Telugu tinsel town. That Prabhas is a busy pan India actor with a bunch of heavy budget films lined up is well known. So, it was a surprise indeed for everyone to hear that he will team up with a medium range director like Maruti amid his busy schedule.

Though an official announcement about this interesting project has never been made so far, it is true that Maruti has been working on a script for Prabhas after getting an in-principal approval from the latter. However, the project encountered several stumbling blocks in this short span due to which the official launch has been postponed.

Maruti had to rework the script several times to get the final nod from Prabhas. After rigorously working with his team of writers, Maruti finally received a temporary nod from Prabhas recently. Now, there are speculations that the project will be launched for Dusheera this year.

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Initially, Prabhas was supposed to wrap up this film in quick time. However, it has been delayed due to script issues. Now, Prabhas is busy till mid next year with all his upcoming films. There is a lot of pressure on him after the debacle of Radheshyam. He is determined to complete the commitments on time.

So, it would be interesting to see if Maruti’s film will go on floors anytime sooner. Though it is speculated that the regular shooting will commence towards the end of this year, one can’t be sure of it as Prabhas is having a jam-packed itinerary in the coming months . The wait for Maruti will continue and he will be on tenterhooks till the project starts rolling. Getting nod from Prabhas is just a temporary relief for him.

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