Twist in Bigg Boss Telugu 3 elimination

Twist in Bigg Boss Telugu 3 elimination

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 with only one week left, the housemates gave their best to stay in the house.

Rahul and Baba are into final week. In yesterdays episode Sree Mukhi has been saved. Now only 3 left in elimination. Varun Sandesh, SIva Jyothi and ALi Reza.

In social media till yesterday it was siva jyothi who will be eliminated , but as Ali Reza was re-entry and he is not so aggressive as before so he is being eliminated, suddenly over night it turned up to Ali Reza from Siva Jyothi. In social media now this became viral that Ali reza is eliminated from the house.

The twist in elimination is, only because Ali Reza came into house as re-entry contestant he is going to be eliminated.


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