Fan war in Kannada Cinema turns ugly with Appu’s fan throwing slipper at Darshan

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Fan war in Kannada Cinema turns ugly with Appu’s fan throwing slipper at Darshan

Fan wars on social media often take ugly turns. We have seen enough of this already in Telugu and Tamil film industries. Now, this ugly trend is picking up in the Kannada film industry, that too in the most shocking and demeaning manner.

Going more into the details, there has been an incident where a fan of late Sandalwood star Puneeth Rajkumar threw a slipper at Darshan during a promotional event for his action drama, Kranti.

The incident happened after Darshan made some sexist remarks about the goddess of luck. The comments went viral when Darshan said, “Goddess of Luck doesn’t knock on the door always. When she knocks, grab her, drag her into your bedroom and strip her naked. If you give her clothes, she will go out.”

Soon after these remarks, the social media flooded with a lot of negative tweets targeting Darshan that it is not on his part to come up with such senseless comments. A fan of Puneeth threw a slipper at Darshan and Shiva Raj Kumar condemned this act.

It has triggered a massive fan outburst on social media where the fans of both the actors engaged in verbal war on the internet.

Sudeepa who is an actor and producer in Kannada industry has posted a note where he condemned the act. Sudeepa called it a disturbing event/.

“Our land, language, and culture is all about love & respect. Every problem has a solution, and every solution has multiple ways of being solved. Each and every individual deserves to be treated with dignity and any problem can be solved in a manner that is pleasant and calm. The video I saw was very disturbing. There were many others and the leading lady of the film standing there as well who were just a part of the event and had nothing to do with the rage prevailing at the time. Humiliating them in public brings about the question as to are we Kannadigas known for this unjustified reaction. Is this kind of outburst even an option?” the actor wrote in his lengthy post on social media.

At a time when the South cinema is leading by an example with rich content oriented cinema, these kind of incidents draw unnecessary negative attention. It is time that all actors should urge their fans to stay united.

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