Emergency FL : Kangana nails with an eerie semblance to Indira Gandhi

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Emergency FL : Kangana nails with an eerie semblance to Indira Gandhi

Controversial Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is portraying the role of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in a film titled Emergency. She is donning the director’s hat besides playing the lead role in this crazy film which is based on true incidents in the history of Indian democracy that unraveled during 1975.

The first look teaser of this interesting film has been unveiled this Thursday and it gives a glimpse of Kangana Ranaut’s stupendous look as Indira Gandhi. In the teaser, the scene takes place in the year 1971 in Washington D.C where Kangana is seen perusing a book as her personal secretary comes to her to ask her if the President of America can address her as Madam while taking in the hotline. She replies, its ok but tells him to inform the President of America that everyone in her office calls her Sir and not Madam.

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Kangana Ranaut nailed with her transformation as she looks like a spitting image of Indira Gandhi. It evident that Kangana used prosthetics to play the role of the former Prime Minister, but her eerie semblance will stun the audience. Her hair style and mannerisms perfectly match to that of Indira Gandhi.

The film is produced by Manikarnika Productions. The regular shooting has commenced today. Screenplay and dialogues by Ritesh Shah.

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